Common Health Advantages of Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing treatments are designed to better enable the body to release toxins that build up based on the types of foods that we eat, our habits – like smoking, drinking or lack of exercise – and the environment that we live in.

When we eat more meat proteins than our bodies need, it’s difficult for the body to break it down. Likewise, when we smoke and drink, our bodies retain toxins, just as they do when we live in smoggy cities or in rural areas where pesticides are used. The more that our bodies are confronted with toxins that build up in the colon, the more difficult it is for all of our internal organs to function properly.

That, of course, is the primary advantage of using a colon cleansing treatment: when using a colon cleanser, our bodies will be able to process out the toxins that have developed as a result of: not eating a balanced diet, having too much stress in our lives, practicing bad habits and living in our modern-day environment. By removing these toxins from the large intestine with a colon cleanser, other organs within the body – most notably the liver and the kidneys – will be able to function more efficiently.

We will invariably feel better, when our internal systems function correctly – another great benefit of colon cleansing. Our digestive system will function more efficiently – and that will end common problems like constipation, stomach upset, gas and bloating that can slow us down and keep us from performing at our best. When our bodies are working more efficiently, we will simply feel better.

When we use a colon cleansing treatment, we will become less likely to continue to ingest toxins. As we begin to feel better, we tend to try not to repeat the errors of our past living, so most people will find that they will begin to eat better foods, by desire. The removal of the built-up waste and toxins in the body will frequently be the catalyst people need to begin to live more healthy lives. Doctors who recommend colon-cleansing treatments also recommend that we should take steps afterwards to eat more fruits and vegetables and more whole grains.

This dietary change – along with colon cleansing – does more than just benefit the health of your colon and internal organs; it also contributes to weight loss. Along with the initial boost of feeling better after a colon-cleanse and a drop in weight, many people find that they have increased energy, which they are able to put into getting more exercise. A healthy diet combined with more physical activity contributes to an increased ability to reach weight-loss goals (and the early success makes it easier to stick with the program).

Ironic as it may seem, this increased level of activity along with the reduction of toxins also contributes to fighting fatigue. When people use colon-cleaning treatments to reduce the amount of toxins in their body, they are going to find that they are less tired and weighed down. There’s a simple reason for this: it is difficult for the body to process toxins and therefore many are reabsorbed into the body; when people remove these toxins from their body, their internal organs need to do less work, thereby giving them more energy.

Because the body will have to do less work, when people take steps to improve their colon health, those who have struggles with hemorrhoids find that colon cleansing allows these areas of strain to heal as well. Others are able to avoid developing hemorrhoids altogether.

Similarly, colon cleansing can help to prevent Diverticulitis. Just as straining with constipation can lead to the development of hemorrhoids, a hardened stool that is not voided can weaken the interior walls of the large intestine. These weakened spots can become inflamed and infected when there is a backup in the colon; however, with a proper colon-cleansing regimen in place, toxins are removed and there is less of a chance for an infection to develop.

As a result, it’s not only those who have taken advantage of colon cleansing treatments, before developing health complications that can benefit, so can those individuals whose bodies have been struggling against the buildup of toxins for years or decades.

No matter what your current health is like, there is a good chance that you can benefit from colon cleansing treatments that will rid your body of toxins. With colon cleansing, you can reduce the stress that your body is under and go on to live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Cleansing Toxins Out of Your Body

Today, you may have been hearing a lot more about cleansing and purging your body of all the buildup of toxins. It’s really not that new of an idea, but it is becoming more popular in the West. If you are looking for more information on how Cleansing toxins out of your system can help… read on.

The whole method behind Cleansing toxins out of your body is a step by step process. It will involve more than just taking a pill. It will need to be done, depending on the type of cleanse you choose, for anywhere from one to three days in most cases. It should also be done several times throughout the year for optimal results.

Most of the most popular cleanses involve taking some sort of liquid mixture. Generally these mixtures will consist of a variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. All of which are combined to accomplish two things: one, to help your body rid itself of excess toxins and fecal buildup, and two, to help your body stay nourished throughout the cleanse.

Most cleanses will involve a certain amount of fasting. You will only drink your meals by drinking the mixture mentioned above. You will cut way back on or completely cut solid food from your diet during the time you are on the cleanse.

Of course, if this sounds kind of intense, it is. For that reason, and a few others, you want to make sure you talk to your doctor before you undertake any cleanse.

Even all natural herbal supplements can have a negative impact on you if they are combined with certain prescription or non prescription medications.

Some herbs may also have an impact on certain medical conditions. For there reasons, make sure you talk to your doctor before you start any type of cleanse or diet.

And, if you think you don’t need to cleanse because you aren’t overweight or in poor health, you may want to think again. No matter how healthy we try to be in our day to day lives, no one can guarantee that we don’t ingest many potentially toxic chemicals.

Chemicals are everywhere today from the food and water we eat and drink to all of our personal care products and even in the air we breathe. Even with exceptional lifestyle habits, it would be virtually impossible to completely cut all toxic sources from your life.

If you are thinking of using some sort of cleanse to help rid your body of a buildup of toxins and / or a buildup of impacted fecal matter, there are a lot of different types of cleanses you can consider.

In most cases it’s best to do some research, find a couple of cleanses that you like and then discuss the various options with your doctor.

Cleansing toxins out of your system may be a very good idea to keep your body functioning at it’s fullest. Just use common sense and don’t go too long without eating solid food (as well as talk to your doctor) and you should be just fine.

Healthy Cleansing vs Fad Diets

The United States is in a true health crisis. We are sicker and more overweight than ever before and these issues cannot be ignored. The United States is the epicenter of an obesity pandemic and as more countries adapt to a Western Lifestyle, rates of obesity and associated health problems will continue rising steadily in both adults and children.

According to the Journal of American Medical Association, obesity, poor physical activity and resultant associated illness are overtaking tobacco as the leading cause of preventable death in this country.

In 2000, obesity and inactivity caused 400,000 deaths, ore than 16. Obesity cost America $117 billion in 2000 according to the surgeon general. Now more than ever people are looking to address this battle of the bulge and many of us will look toward a fad diet to help with these excess pounds.

FAD DIETS: A Yo-Yo Effect On Your Body

Fad diets are not the answer for long-term health or weight management. Many serious issues surround these quick-fix plans that do not address internal health or nutritional rejuvenation. Many health experts believe that fad dieting places stress on your body and that the repeated stress of losing and gaining weight may be just as bad for long-term health as being overweight.

Fad Diets Vs Nutritional Cleansing

Fad Diets:

– Often nutrient deficient
– Quick Fix
– Yo-Yo effect
– Continued cravings
– Nutritionally restrictive
– Focuses on weight loss
– Does not enforce good eating habits
– Stresses the body

Nutritional Cleansing:

– Gives the body MORE nutrient-rich protein, carbs essential fats and minerals
– Long-term lifestyle approach to internal health
– Weight management stability
– Balances brain chemistry to decrease cravings
– Floods the body with high-grade nutrients
– Focuses on quality of life and longevity
– Enforces great long-term nutritional habits
– Fuels the body

Instead of simply targeting weight loss, one should focus on achieving overall internal health, which is all about balancing and fueling the body.

Wellness involves a change in lifestyle. True, long-term weight management is feasible if you practice fueling the body with the right nutrients, staying hydrated, engage in daily physical activities and help the body cleanse accumulated impurities.

The body needs internal balance and nutrient fuel to maintain normal blood glucose levels and the brain requires high-grade nutrients for sustained mental work.

Cleansing and refueling the body is what I call the “anti-fad diet” approach to health and weight management. Cleansing the body at an internal level is a hot topic, and for good reason. It makes perfect sense. We live in a very toxic world and unless you live in a bubble, your body is continually suffering the detrimental effects of these dangerous, often deadly poisons.

Why cleanse, you ask?

Think about these issues:

– Our world is full of herbicides, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, food additives and synthetic drugs. These overabundant toxins can have an adverse effect on our cells, internal organs and, ultimately, our state of health
– Animals raised for consumption in factory farms are often injected with large amounts of hormones, steroids and antibiotics. Over 20 million pounds of antibiotics were injected into our farm animals last year alone
– There are so many insecticides and pesticides on our fruits and vegetables that these noxious chemicals seem to have become part of our food chain. Adults and, sadly, even our children are chronically exposed to these substances. Everything we eat or drink has a direct effect on our health. The typical American diet is destroying our digestive systems and leading to other chronis problems in the body

The Proper Balance Is The Key

A well-rounded nutritional program should provide balance and complete nourishment for our cells and vital organs. A balanced program should include amino acids to increase energy, support the immune system and help mental focus. Meal replacement protein shakes should contain a balance of protein, essential fats and carbohydrates to enhance metabolism and assist with weight management. Herbs and a complete range of vitamins can be used to help the body cleanse and strengthen internally. Trace ionic minerals are also important to fuel our cells and aid the digestive tract in optimum absorption of nutrients.

Many options are available when introducing your body to a well-rounded, safe nutritional program. The program should address cleansing and nourishing the body, not starving it. Exercising, eating well and hydration are also key components of any health-oriented program. Research your options and choose a program that is best for you.

Personal fitness trainers and nutritionists are excellent sources of information about the importance of nutritional cleansing and many highly recommend the use of the Isagenix system.