I found my life’s purpose in providing Healing Touch after having some personal challenges in my family. I have one child that was diagnosed with Autism and another that was diagnosed with Brittle Bone Disease (after being for tested for cancer). These challenges began my journey of looking outside of the box in trying to help my children and myself. Through my deepening spiritual journey, as well as my introduction to energy therapies for my own self-care, I became aware that I had a purpose for my life and began to search for this through listening for Divine Guidance.

Healing Touch, a gentle comfortI am so grateful for the challenges that led me to realizing that providing Healing Touch to others is my passion and purpose in life. I feel so blessed that I am able to provide this wonderful, heart-centered, integrative therapy to so many and become a partner in helping them achieve self-healing. I look forward to continuing this journey of helping others.

I am passionate about sharing Healing Touch with all populations, especially those who often struggle to care for themselves. I actively pursue grant funding/fundraising that will assist those that are economically disadvantaged, or who have medical needs that produce financial challenges. I also look to help caregivers with their own self-care, knowing how vitally important that is when trying to take care of loved ones.

I look forward to continuing to provide the heart-centered, relaxation techniques of Healing Touch to others, wherever they may be on their life path.